Future Education

What I think about future education, it is going to be held online. For each topic, there are classrooms where students come from countries all across the world and there will also have peer to peer tutoring, mentorships from subject experts, and a very well-designed self-learning path. By looking at online courses that we have today, we’re taking a glimpse of future education.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

There are many differences between traditional classrooms and today’s online courses. Here I’m listing out three major differences. First, you can study at your own pace. An analog to a traditional classroom, imagine you’re learning how to ride a bicycle. You take a few lectures about how to ride it and told you that you will have an exam two weeks after. Later, you take the exam. The class moved on no matter whether you got 80, 90, or 95. So, how about the 5 points that you don’t understand? Well, here is a unicycle.

Second, a teacher can provide the knowledge the student needed the most. With all lectures and quizzes held online, teachers can see the student’s progress at a glance. Teachers could know which concepts the student has struggled with for the longest period of time and give direct advice to it.

Third, is peer-to-peer tutoring. In the traditional classroom, students are not allowed to discuss with classmates. The only thing that they can do is to listen to the one-size-fits-all lecture that the teacher is giving on the stage. Without a doubt, every student has their own way of studying and it could be very different from one to another. Giving one-size-fits-all lectures seems not to be a proper choice for every student.

In the above three ways, we’re humanizing our classroom. With the help of technology, we can achieve new methods that isn’t possible before. With the dashboard that is given to the teacher, the teacher doesn’t have to ask embarrassing questions to the student like “Which part do you not understand?”. With peer-to-peer tutoring, students can experience different teaching styles from who knows the hard points the best. With the ability to watch the same video over and over again, people can avoid stop-learning because of the embarrassment of asking things you have been taught before. Future education can be such a powerful tool that every student can learn better and learn happier.



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